Step into the world of Wunnii Studio, home to Clay Café 🏡
Clay Café

About me

Hi I'm Lauren, I make little clay friends and transform them into accessories and miniature trinkets🌷✨

Wunnii studio is home to all my creative projects that I wish to share with the world. Currently it showcases Clay café, but I would like to expand my art into more mixed media in the future, so watch this space!

I work a standard 9-5 by day and Clay café / wunnii studio is my side hustle by night and weekends ;) yes my days are packed but I'm working hard to do both! Of course we have to pay the rent somehow, but I think it's also important to keep your passions alive - I always try find some time to nurture my creative spirit when I can, I know I would regret it if I never gave my art a chance! 💕 

✨... When I create I escape to my happy place where I can bring my ideas and designs to life into tangible art 🐸🍄
I try to create pieces that will make you smile and are reminders to appreciate the little things in life ❤️

I put a lot of heart and time into the creations I make, I hope you enjoy them too 😊 Thanks so much for stopping by!